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Wishes to go to the Bahamas

Wished to Go On a Disney Cruise

Wishes to Go to Disneyland

Wishes to go to DisneyWorld

Wishes to go to Disneyworld

Wishes to Go on a Disney Cruise

Wishes to Go to the Zoo to Feed the Penguins

Wishes to Go to New York

Fullfilled Wishes

Carlos wished for an X box Series X

He had his leg amputated because he suffers from strokes.  His expected lifetime is less than two years.

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Crystal Cantrell Birthday Party

First wish ever done by CWFI. Crystal never had a birthday party. She didn’t speak, but when asked what her wish would be, she stated “birthday party”. She died shortly thereafter.

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TJ meets Stephen Curry

During his battle with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, nine-year-old TJ found strength in his favorite basketball star Stephen Curry. Not only would TJ watch all of his games, but he also has read Stephen’s book. TJ played basketball for the first-time last year and it has since become his favorite sport. So much so, that he…

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Brody attends the Burton US Open

At only eighteen months old, Brody was diagnosed with Leukemia.  His journey through treatments was tough, but Brody proved to be tougher. In fact, he even continued to play on his soccer team during his chemo treatments and was the leading scorer despite having a port. Having never lost his sense of adventure, he decided…

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