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Wishes to go to the Bahamas

Wished to Go On a Disney Cruise

Wishes to Go to Disneyland

Wishes to go to DisneyWorld

Wishes to go to Disneyworld

Wishes to Go on a Disney Cruise

Wishes to Go to the Zoo to Feed the Penguins

Wishes to Go to New York

Fulfilled Wishes

Ryan Wishes for a Tablet

At just 8 -weeks- old, Ryan started having a “mysterious cold”. He was at Kaiser Roseville PICU for 2 weeks with low neutrophils. The day he had a bone marrow test his neutrophils magically went up, so he was brought home. His right eye was irritated. After a trip to the doctor for this, the…

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Violet Wishes for an Exersauser and Playmat From The Young Minds Program

Violet is a sweet, adorable, 5-month-old baby who is battling a critical heart condition. On her way into this world, the doctors were unsure if she would survive  birth. Violet is doing a little better now, but mom and dad were not prepared for her (in case she did not make it). Mom and Dad…

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David goes to Legoland Florida!

David, 12, was born weighing only 4 pounds. He was left in ICU for 3 days, and then he was transferred to another hospital to utilize their machines and specialists. At only 35 weeks old, David underwent several operations. When he turned 5 years old, David’s neurologist ordered blood tests, and it was found that…

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Blake goes to the Atlanta Zoo

Blake, 6, has been receiving proton therapy treatment for Medulloblastoma. Battling his illness and being in the hospital has taken a toll on him and his family. Children’s Wish Foundation was able to send Blake, his father, and sister to the Atlanta Zoo through our Family Focus Program for a chance to create positive memories!…

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Nyla’s online Shopping Spree at Justice

Nyla is a very happy and sociable 15-year-old girl with a beautiful smile. Nyla is non-verbal but she expresses herself well with gestures and cues. She was diagnosed at just a couple of weeks old with cerebral palsy, esophageal reflux, and a seizure disorder. Nyla loves shopping. Ever since she was a little girl, her…

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Brock’s Wish to the Atlanta Zoo

Brock, age 3, has about 6 months to live. Born at 25 weeks old, he has been in and out of the hospital since birth. When he was born, he was so small and sick, he had to remain in the hospital for 128 days. When Brock was a couple months old, mom noticed his…

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Liesel receives the ultimate play pack!

Liesel is an adorable 2-year-old little girl who was born with Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome. Despite her problems, she is a smart, happy girl. Liesel uses a trach; therefore, she is delayed with her speech. However, she understands Portuguese and English very well. She can also understand some Spanish and knows the alphabet and most numbers…

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Jonathon Wishes for an Xbox

Jonathon, 13, was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy when he was just a toddler. Mom describes him as a shy, kind person who loves to paint and draw. He spends most of his time in a wheelchair making it difficult to enjoy some activities with his friends. One of Jonathon’s goals is to succeed in school…

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Nyla’s shopping excursion at The Gardens Mall

Nyla, 13, is a vibrant, intelligent, young lady who has been suffering from Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma since she was 10 years old. Going into her teen year has been rough for her. While her friends are outside playing basketball-her favorite sport, Nyla is stuck at home resting while battling continuous infections, and fatigue. For as long…

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Mason’s Trip to Santa’s Wonderland

Mason, 5, was involved in an ATV rollover accident in 2019 at just 3 years old. He now suffers from a traumatic anoxic brain injury which causes him having to have a trach tube, feeding tube, and baclofen pump. Mason is also reliant on a respirator and a ventilator. Mason loves spending time outdoors with…

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