Tucker Meets the game wardens from the show “North Woods Law”

Tucker, 11, is a strong-willed boy who has gone through more than his fair share of hospital stays in his childhood. Diagnosed with Chron’s Disease at just 8- years- old, Tucker has spent the last 3 years in and out of the hospital. In August 2021, Tucker was not eating or drinking very much, which caused him to lose 30 pounds. He had to have an NG tube placed in his little body for nutrition. Suffering through dehydration and malnutrition as well as many doses of IV steroids didn’t keep him from being the bubbly character he was.

While he was undergoing treatment in the hospital, Tucker found joy in watching the show North Woods Law on Netflix. He imagined what it would be like to be a game warden and be outside in nature; his favorite place to be. He would often tell his mom how cool it would be to meet the game wardens and see the set of where the show filmed. Children’s Wish Foundation was able to make this happen!

Tucker and his family flew to Maine to the very city North Woods Law was filmed in. Tucker, mom, dad, and his brother Logan, spent two adventurous days with the game wardens from the show. On the first day, the family joined the game wardens for lunch, and a walk around Gray Animal Park. Next, everyone went on a boat ride on the famous Sebago Lake. Tucker and brother logan received official game warden gear to keep them warm from the Maine October weather. The next day, at 8am, Tucker and brother met with the game wardens again! First, they went back out on the lake to measure fish. Then, Tucker and Logan went to fly a small plane! The rest of the day was spent by the famous Fort Williams Park. Tuckers mom told us he had an amazing time and did not stop smiling. Mom said, “Every single wish he ever had came true. They even made sure his favorite warden from the show was there for him”.

The fun didn’t end there. For dinner, Tucker and his family ate at the famous Portland Lobster Company in the Old Port. Tucker had never eaten lobster before, so it was an acquired taste, but he loved it. When the lobster first arrived, Tucker said” mom it has a face”. He tried it anyway and LOVED it.

I think it’s safe to say that Tucker’s wish went better than planned. From the balloons left by his bedside by the hotel staff, to the amazing time they had with the game wardens, the family enjoyed Maine so much, they have already started looking for a house in Portland!


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