Ryan Wishes for a Tablet

At just 8 -weeks- old, Ryan started having a “mysterious cold”. He was at Kaiser Roseville PICU for 2 weeks with low neutrophils. The day he had a bone marrow test his neutrophils magically went up, so he was brought home. His right eye was irritated. After a trip to the doctor for this, the doctor concluded maybe baby Ryan scratched his eye. After a month of his eye not getting any better his pediatrician sent him to an Optometrist. The Optometrist sent Ryan to a retina specialist, who referred him to an infection disease specialists. The infectious disease specialist referred Ryan to UCSF where labs were completed. Fortunately, the labs were back that day, and mom got a call stating that she needed to bring Ryan to the ER. A day later, Ryan was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

Ryan started his preparation for treatment and  spent 5 months in the hospital. Mom says that “the first round of treatment was rough.” Ryan had high  fevers for 2 weeks. She was very worried he would not make. After 6 weeks of treatment, Ryan starting meeting his developmental goals. He is now in remission and made it through 5 rounds of chemo. Ryan got to ring the bell on June 28. Way to go Ryan!!

Ryan is more than just Cancer though. Ryan is a baby who loves to watch “Little Baby Bump” on YouTube. He also loves to watch the music video for “The Wheels on the Bus”. Children’s Wish Foundation was thrilled when Ryan wished for a tablet to watch his videos. Through our Young Minds Program, we were able to fulfill his wish! Mom said “Thank for the gift. Our little man is very lucky. We are very thankful for your kindness.”

You are welcome Mom!






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