Riley’s Wish For A Target Shopping Spree


When Riley was two, he was diagnosed with Immune Thrombocytopenia, which is a rare disease that causes the immune system to attack platelets, in turn, cause viral infections. Now seven years old, Riley cannot walk without assistance, and sometimes crawls to get where he wants to go. He loves to push his toy shopping cart around the house to play “pretend shop”. Riley’s mom says, “he is the happiest child she has ever met”! She likes to call him “smiley Riley”. Riley and his mom are working on independent play as a goal. Even with his physical impairments he tries his hardest and is very determined. Since the day he could crawl, he became fixated with things such as pressing buttons, opening and closing doors, and flipping light switches. Although this is entertaining, Riley wanted some new form of entertainment in his life. He wished for a shopping spree at Target.

Children’s Wish Foundation was happy to fulfill Riley’s wish for a shopping spree at Target. Riley had a blast picking out all his new toys. Every aisle he went down was like a wonderland for him. He especially loved the Mario and Luigi merchandise. After a couple hours of shopping Riley and his dad made their way to Riley’s favorite place to eat, McDonald’s.

Riley’s Mom said, “Riley isn’t very verbal and mostly just smiles to show excitement”, which he most definitely did that day!


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