Young Minds Wishes

A simple wish, just the right size!

Wishes are not one-size-fits-all! Some children who are referred to Children’s Wish Foundation International are too young to select or remember a wish, yet their illness demands a sense of urgency to accommodate the age and developmental needs of each child. So, we offer them their choice of a simple wish, just the right size!

These Young Minds recipients select a favorite gift from these special packages:

  • TV/DVD player with movie collection
  • CD or MP3 player with music collection
  • Toy and doll assortment
  • Comfort station: parent’s rocking chair, blankets, boppies, etc.
    Activity assortment: books, puzzles, activity gyms, etc.

Our Young Minds Program provides developmentally appropriate wishes to children under the age of four, or whose cognitive level is under the age of four. We invite you to refer a child here! For more information on any of our programs, please contact Children’s Wish Foundation International at 800-323-WISH (9474) or [email protected].

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