Hospital Enrichment Program

We partner with hospitals to supply toys, books, comfort items, and parties to distract little minds and bring joy and comfort to those in need.

"If I could do this for one child, I could do it for many.”


In 1991, we fulfilled a Wish of our own...  a way to reach more children in need of joy! To do so, we created the Hospital Enrichment Program to support children, families, and medical teams as they manage a critical illness.

Today, we partner with hospitals and hospices to elevate the inpatient experience of every child. With input from our partners, we supply toys, books, arts & crafts, personal care items, and parties to distract little minds and bring comfort to those in need.

Children who face lengthy periods of hospital stays often miss out on school activities and holiday celebrations. To counter these feelings of isolation, we host on-site, interactive events to support young patients. Our festive parties can be an important aspect of a child’s overall treatment. Bringing a child out of their hospital room and into a playroom with other children forms a natural support group based on shared experience.

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Our Hospital Enrichment Program:

  • Gives comfort and builds a natural support group
  • Counters feelings of isolation
  • Promotes normalization
  • Provides a therapeutic outlet
  • Allows a kid to be a kid!
  • We are honored to partner with pediatric hospitals and medical facilities throughout the United States!

“We are a safety net hospital that serves some of the most vulnerable patients in our community. The majority of items that we are able to offer our patients come from donations. That is why we are so appreciative for everything that Children’s Wish Foundation has provided! Their donations help to bring cheer to our pediatric patients and to help and make the hospital experience much more positive. A heartfelt thank you to Children’s Wish Foundation...

K.B, Valleywise Medical Center, Arizona

“Thank you so much [for the pillow pets] … our kiddos are loving them.”

SYH, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Washington

“We greatly appreciate everything the Children’s Wish Foundation does for Ronald McDonald House Charities of Mid-Missouri! The crafts and fun toys bring smiles and laughs to the faces of children at our House. In the midst of the pandemic, we are trying to keep things as ordinary as possible for the extraordinary families that stay with us. Having a craft or toy to play with is such a blessing and a fun thing for families to enjoy together. Thank you so much!”

L.D, Ronald McDonald House, Mid-Missouri 

“I have worked with Children’s Wish for over 20 years! The work they do is phenomenal! I have had them turn around a wish in 48 hours for a child in need, to utilizing the Hospital Enrichment Program monthly!


Our Outpatient Center utilizes the Hospital Enrichment Program daily! From small prizes given to patients that endure hard procedures like caths, lab pokes, IV sticks, suture removals, etc. to bigger fun activities of Halloween Carnivals, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Shopping Sprees, to the Just Because for patients in the hospital and many more! My true, number one go-to for Wishes and Hospital Enrichment Programs is Children’s Wish Foundation! I cannot say enough about the Hospital Enrichment Program!  Thank you!!!!!!!!

M.P, Prisma Health Upstate, South Carolina

Holiday Gift Program

Larger pediatric hospitals receive an abundance of donations for their patients during the holiday season. However, this is not the case for many smaller hospitals in smaller communities. Our goal is to target those facilities with limited resources and send them gifts for the children and their families who won’t have their traditional holiday experience.


If you would like to participate in donating to our holiday gift program or would like to sponsor a Wish Family, please contact us at 800-323-9474 or email us at [email protected].

Children in living room with toys

“There have been a lot of tears today over the sheer generosity and magnitude of your gift to our community. In the past month, five long-standing businesses have closed. Truly a depressed community with many needs. But a miracle happened today from Children’s Wish Foundation! A family said they were praying for a miracle and your organization was a part of that miracle. Your organization brought such joy. With deep love, gratitude and appreciation, on behalf of all the families you touched today.”


Thank You LEtter from Winter Family

Children’s Wish Foundation,

Thank you so much for your support of both Presbyterian and us as a NICU family.
My daughter, Brianna Elizabeth, was born unexpectedly at 25 weeks and 5 days gestation, weighing less than 2lbs. This led into 104 days of turmoil, anxiety, and love. During her over 3 month stay in hospital, we took shifts at the NICU working and staying bedside with our daughter to give her the support and care she needed to get through her NICU stay and make it home. We relied on the support of friends, family and programs like yours.

The gift cards helped tremendously as we ran from the NICU to grab a fast bite of lunch or got a quick dinner on our late-night drive back to the house, greatly reducing our stress, both physically and financially.

Being a NICU family, especially during the time of COVID with visitation restrictions, was the most challenging thing in our life. A simple meal or coffee gift card may not seem like much, but when you have so much to worry about, not having to worry about dinner means the world.

Our baby girl is home now and is doing phenomenal! He entry into the world was tumultuous, but in the end, we were given the greatest gift imaginable.
Again, thank you for your support.

Samantha and Kyle Winter


Hospital Parties

During the pandemic, monetary donations have been more necessary than ever because in-person hospital parties have not been possible. With your donation, we are able to send hospitals the items they need until we can be there for them again. 

We will keep you updated as to when volunteers are allowed to do parties again.

Wish Referral Program

Wish Referrals Can Benefit Your Hospital

You are the first and most important contact with any family facing a devastating time in their lives. As a way of offering support to families and children, we work with hospitals to provide a ray of sunshine during this stressful time. When you refer a child for a Wish and it is approved, the child will choose a gift with the hope that this will give him or her the encouragement to face the difficulties ahead.

How Does Your Hospital Benefit from Referring Wish Children?

When we receive 5 approved Wish referrals or 10 Young Minds referrals, we will provide your hospital with a gift card. This gift card may be used to purchase playroom items, educational materials, or electronics for your patients’ enjoyment. All you have to do is refer!

We maintain a comprehensive database with the Wish referrals from your hospital, and we will notify you each time you reach the criteria. A gift card will be on its way to you soon after!

 How to Refer a Child

Simply fill out the on-line referral form—it’s that easy. Once it is received, we will contact the family directly.

If you would like to participate in donating to our holiday gift program or would like to sponsor a Wish Family, please contact us at 800-323-9474 or email us at [email protected].

“Once again Children’s Wish Foundation is looking out for our children. Not only are you fulfilling wishes, but here is yet another opportunity that will have a very positive effect on our patients.”