Nyla’s online Shopping Spree at Justice

Nyla is a very happy and sociable 15-year-old girl with a beautiful smile. Nyla is non-verbal but she expresses herself well with gestures and cues. She was diagnosed at just a couple of weeks old with cerebral palsy, esophageal reflux, and a seizure disorder. Nyla loves shopping. Ever since she was a little girl, her closet has been packed with clothes and shoes. She is very protective of her clothes. Mom says, “she notices if I try to borrow something out of her closet, she is very aware of her surroundings”. Although Nyla is non-verbal, mom asked her about a couple different wish options, and when mom said, “online shopping spree at Justice”, her face lit up. Her gestures were crystal clear that was her number one wish. Children’s Wish Foundation asked Nyla and mom pick out clothes off the Justice Store website and arranged for the clothes to be delivered to Nyla’s home. In addition, Nyla was given a gift card to shop at her second favorite store, Walmart. Being a teenage girl, you can never have enough clothes. She purchased beauty items, slippers, and more clothes! Nyla had a blast shopping, and Children’s Wish Foundation is happy that we were able to help another sick child’s wish come true!


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