Mason’s Trip to Santa’s Wonderland

Mason, 5, was involved in an ATV rollover accident in 2019 at just 3 years old. He now suffers from a traumatic anoxic brain injury which causes him having to have a trach tube, feeding tube, and baclofen pump. Mason is also reliant on a respirator and a ventilator.

Mason loves spending time outdoors with family, and especially loves the snow. With the holidays around the corner, Mason wished for a trip to Santa’s Wonderland in Texas. His wish to spend time with his family, see holiday lights, and make magical memories came true.

Mason and his family enjoyed a train ride through the trail of lights, snow play at Frostbite’s snow playground, and a special visit with Mrs. Claus. His family attended sensory friendly night, which allowed them to be there for two hours without the crowds, reduced lines, and lower music and sound levels. This made the night very beneficial. Mason smiled ear to ear being pushed in his wheelchair through the trail of lights while drinking hot chocolate.

Children’s Wish Foundation was thrilled when Mom said “The perfect evening ❤️ The lines weren’t long or overcrowded. Mason loved every minute of it. Thank you for making this trip come true & many memories for Mason and my family”.

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