Mace wishes for a collection of learning toys

Mace, 8 months, is a strong, loving, smart, determined baby, who suffers from Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia. At just 4 months old, he was admitted to the intensive care unit and spent 16 days on a ventilator. Mace spent two months in the hospital receiving treatment before he was finally able to go home. He didn’t let any of his hospitalization stop him from learning. He is caught up on his development and getting stronger every day.

Due to his illness, Mace has been isolated inside his home. He has just started learning about the outdoors and meeting new people. Mace gets extremely excited when mom asks him if he wants to watch his sisters play outside. He smiles and motions to be picked up.

Mace loves to watch Sesame Street. He smiles and giggles when his sisters sing along. He also enjoys watching them play along to the interactive games. This deems that Mace is interested in learning. With his shown interest of learning, mom and Mace wished for collections of learning toys, and we were thrilled to fulfill his wish.

Mom said “Thank you so much, Mace was so excited and loved all of his toys”. We are joyful that we were able to help another child’s wish come true!

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