Liesel receives the ultimate play pack!

Liesel is an adorable 2-year-old little girl who was born with Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome. Despite her problems, she is a smart, happy girl. Liesel uses a trach; therefore, she is delayed with her speech. However, she understands Portuguese and English very well. She can also understand some Spanish and knows the alphabet and most numbers in American Sign Language.

Liesel loves to read and learn. Mom says she spends hours reading to her baby dolls in her little rocking chair. Although she has several books, reading them over and over got boring for her and her dolls. Liesel wished for a comfort station from the Young Minds Program, and Children’s Wish Foundation was thrilled to fulfill this request.

In her comfort station package, Liesel received a rocking chair for mom to use while reading to her, a variety of new books, and an assortment of toys. When she received her packages, Liesel was extremely happy. She told her mom “This is almost like Christmas.” Children’s Wish Foundation is proud that we were able to make another terminally ill child smile.

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