*Lena wishes for an iPhone 13

*Lena was diagnosed with AIDS when she was 11 years old. *Lena was given a second chance at life. Being hospitalized and not knowing what to expect everyday was extremely scary for her. *Lena fought for her strength and faced an everyday struggle that no child should endure. Her only worry was getting back to the classroom to get good grades. Although she struggles with this deadly disease, Lena keeps a smile on her face and an open mind.

*Lena is now 16 years old and trying to live a normal teenage life. One of her favorite past times is to listen to music and take selfies with her friends on her cell phone. Although she does have a cell phone her was wish for an iPhone 13, and Children’s wish foundation was happy to fulfill her wish!

*Please note that the child’s name has been changed for privacy reasons.

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