*Jane’s Wish to Go On An Alaskan Cruise

Battling Mast cell disease since she was a toddler has taken a toll on Janes childhood into her adult life. *Jane was only expected to live a little under 1 year. While most patients respond poorly to cytoreductive drugs or chemotherapy, *Jane was one of the lucky ones to survive.

After undergoing many hospital stays and doctor visits, *Jane was finally ready for her wish. Her and her family cruised the Alaskan Glaciers earlier this month. Mom tells us that the weather in Alaska was fantastic the whole trip, and they luckily got no rain.

Royal Caribbean went above and beyond to take care of *Jane and her family. *Jane received multiple VIP experiences including: Ifly, North Star, Flow Rider, and Rock Climbing. She was also showered with chocolate delivered right to her stateroom.

*Jane used to dance as a child. One of the shows she attended was a live Broadway type of show called “Live Love, Legs.” Not only did she receive reserved seating, but *Jane also attended a private meet and greet with the dancers after the show! The fun didn’t end there, *Jane received a private dance lesson with the dance captain.  Mikayla says, “I had a blast, this was the best part of my trip.”

*Please note that names have been changed for privacy*

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  1. Teri Johnsen on October 18, 2022 at 2:36 pm

    Oh, this is just magnificent to see & read about your wish come true! So happy for you & I sincerely hope you have many more mag lifetime experiences waiting! Blessings!

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