Jackson Meets Jack Black

Jackson, 12, is described by mom as an old soul. Battling Rhabdomyosarcoma since he was 5 years old has taken a toll on his younger years.

He has seen more than most adults in his short life. When he was at Cancer Camp the other children would ask what is wrong with his eye as the left side of his face has stopped growing after radiation. Jackson bravely tells them “It is part of my battle with Cancer.”

Jackson loves being around people, especially playing Soccer. Recently, while playing one of his friends asked him what his Wish is. He was ecstatic to tell them that it is to meet Jack Black, and it is coming true!

Children’s Wish Foundation flew Jackson and his family to St Augustine where they were invited by Jack Black to his show! Upon leaving home, Jackson knew he was getting a Wish, but had no idea what it consisted of. Dad told us,” He figured it out on the drive to the concert, but when we were backstage and Jack Black was calling his name, “Is Jackson back here?”

He was super excited and there was a long hug between the two Jacks 😊 his reaction: unbridled child joy- a big grin and jumping up and down.”

Thank you to all our donors who helped make this possible!

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