*Jack Meets the Las Vegas Raider’s

When he was three, *Jack was diagnosed with diabetes. Four years later, tragedy struck him and his family, and *Jack found out he had a massive tumor on his brain. Life has not been very nice to *Jack, but “everyday he lives is a blessing”, says mom.

*Jack is your average 11-year-old boy.  He has a passion for school, especially math. His caring personality can brighten the worst of someone’s day. He loves football, but due to his condition, he is unable to play. Not too long ago, while in the hospital, having his tumor removed, he spent countless hours watching the Raider’s football team on TV, and reruns online.

When mom first brought up the idea of having any wish in the world, the first thing he said was “I just wanna have fun.” Mom asked him to be more specific, and he said, “it would be a dream to meet the players on the Raider’s team!” Well, Children’s Wish Foundation was able to make this wish come true!!

*Jack and his family flew out to Vegas where they were picked up by the Raider’s coach in a limo and traveled to Raider’s headquarters where they ate lunch with the team. The following day, the family was picked up again, and traveled to the Raiders game, where they received front row tickets. Jack was so excited to meet his favorite player, Derek Carr. Derek even his shoes off, signed them, and gave them to *Jack!! He and his family enjoyed time with the team on the field, getting autographs and talking, making *Jack feel like the luckiest boy in the world.

When he got home, *Jack had a special package waiting for him; Josh Jacobs mailed his personal team jersey with autographs from the whole team! Mom kept saying “thank you so much for making Jack’s wish come true.” Mom and family, we are so grateful we got to fulfill this wish, *Jack. He is a blessing!!

*Please note the name of the child has been changed for privacy

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