Ethan gets a personalized video from Mr. Beast

13-year-old Ethan suffers from Nephrotic Syndrome. Diagnosed at 2 years old, Ethan has had several relapses and trips to the doctor. The past year has been difficult for him and his family. His health has been deteriorating, and he finds himself sad a lot of the days. When he is not feeling run down or sick, his favorite activity is to build Kiwi crates and Legos.

Ethan also enjoys watching Mr. Beast on YouTube. He told us that he loves Mr. Beasts content and looks forward to new videos. He has been subscribed to his channel since he was at 30 million followers. Today, he is at 102 million!
You can probably guess what Ethan’s wish was! His wish was to receive a video from Mr. Beast and his team. He had one special request though: “please include Karl in the video, he is my second favorite on your team.” Ethan was so happy when he received the video. He said his favorite part was at the end when someone from the team says, “I love you”. So Sweet!

Take a look at the video below:

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