Damien’s Wish for A Gaming Computer

Damien, 16,  is your average teenage boy with a few set- backs. At just 7 months old, Damien was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. However, Damien never lets his medical condition get in the way of life. Damien has a lot of ambitions and dreams. He hopes one day to be a video game tester and creator.

Damien’s mother is amazed at how positive her son stays throughout the hospital visits, chest therapy machine and vest, IV pump, and feeding pump.  Damien loves to make others smile by telling jokes to the medical staff while in treatment. His mother, states “He amazes me to watch him through all of his medical stuff, and to see how happy he manages to stay.”

Damien had one wish for Children’s Wish Foundation-to receive a gaming computer. When he is in the hospital, gaming is his favorite thing to do to pass the time. Children’s Wish Foundation fulfilled Damien’s wish for a Gaming Master Computer Desktop, and also a gift card to buy his favorite games!

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