Hampton Wishes for A Smart TV!

By Holley Docal / December 3, 2021 /

Hampton is a 15-year-old boy who has recently been diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma in April of this year. He is a very outgoing kid that loves to play basketball with his friends when he is feeling well. The past couple of months have been a struggle for Hampton as he has been in the hospital with…

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Riley’s Wish For A Target Shopping Spree

By Holley Docal / November 8, 2021 /

  When Riley was two, he was diagnosed with Immune Thrombocytopenia, which is a rare disease that causes the immune system to attack platelets, in turn, cause viral infections. Now seven years old, Riley cannot walk without assistance, and sometimes crawls to get where he wants to go. He loves to push his toy shopping…

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Mia’s Minnie Mouse “Twoodles” Themed Birthday Party

By Holley Docal / October 20, 2021 /

  Mia, now 2 and on Hospice has had a rough go in just her short couple of years. With having over 20 surgeries, her family calls her their “little fighter.” Mia has a G tube pump as well as a trach vent which means she cannot speak and uses an oxygen machine as well.…

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Damien’s Wish for A Gaming Computer

By Holley Docal / October 11, 2021 /

Damien, 16,  is your average teenage boy with a few set- backs. At just 7 months old, Damien was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. However, Damien never lets his medical condition get in the way of life. Damien has a lot of ambitions and dreams. He hopes one day to be a video game tester and…

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Grace’s Shopping Adventure in London

By Holley Docal / September 23, 2021 /

Grace was diagnosed with Stage 2A Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in the middle of the COVID-19 last year. Grace, now 17 years old feels grateful to be alive, and able to be around the people who love her the most, her family. During her treatment she never complained or showed self-pity. Grace was once asked how she…

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Cinderella with a child

Tanner wished for a magical tea party

By Jaclyn Regnery / July 1, 2021 /

When Tanner was five, she was diagnosed with Leigh’s Syndrome, which is a rare inherited neurometabolic disorder that affects the central nervous system and its symptoms are typically rapid in progression. Now six-years-old, Tanner is spunky as ever. She is said to never let her limitations get her down and is very independent, always saying,…

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Jesus at space exhibit

Jesus received the ultimate celebrity treatment

By Jaclyn Regnery / May 11, 2021 /

10-year-old Jesus Orzco-Vasquez has been battling cancer for most of his life and now has high-risk Leukemia. He had a lifelong dream to become a famous police officer and receive the ultimate celebrity treatment. Thanks to supporters like YOU, his wish came true and he was smiling from ear to ear the entire time. His…

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Kenzie the Warrior Princess wished for an iPad

By Jaclyn Regnery / April 14, 2021 /

This is Kenzie, otherwise known as Kenzie the Warrior Princess. She loves playing dress up, cooking, puzzles, as well as singing and dancing. She is a 3-year-old girl diagnosed with stage 4 hepatoblastoma (a rare liver cancer) that has spread to both of her lungs since January 2020 after her 3rd birthday. She started her…

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Teenage boy with Xbox

Carlos wished for an Xbox Series X

By Linda Dozoretz / October 14, 2020 /

First diagnosed at age 12, Carlos had emergency surgery to amputate his lower left leg because of a blood clot. His doctor told us that he was considered “extremely high risk for life-threatening thrombosis” and that his expected lifetime was less than two years. Due to this condition, Carlos required medical care for the rest…

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Family posing at coliseum

TJ meets Stephen Curry

By Jaclyn Regnery / April 15, 2019 / Comments Off on TJ meets Stephen Curry

During his battle with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, nine-year-old TJ found strength in his favorite basketball star Stephen Curry. Not only would TJ watch all of his games, but he also has read Stephen’s book. TJ played basketball for the first-time last year and it has since become his favorite sport. So much so, that he…

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