Caleb’s Best Buy Shopping Spree

Caleb, 17, had just begun his freshman year of high school when he was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease. This news was unexpected and life altering for him, but he never complained about the numerous procedures, hospital stays, or 100 miles he had to be driven each way 3 times a week for dialysis.

Ever since he was little, he always had a love for trucks. As Covid hit, Caleb was forced to be homebound, he developed a love for computer games, mostly racing with trucks.

Caleb is now a senior in high school and plans to attend a community college in the fall. His wish was to have a Best Buy Shopping Spree. Caleb wishes to buy a computer for college and some new truck driving video games. Children’s Wish Foundation was happy to fulfill this wish. Caleb went out this past weekend to purchase his new games and equipment. Mom tells us that he has his heart set on two different computers. Which one will he choose? 😊

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