Brock’s Wish to the Atlanta Zoo

Brock, age 3, has about 6 months to live. Born at 25 weeks old, he has been in and out of the hospital since birth. When he was born, he was so small and sick, he had to remain in the hospital for 128 days.

When Brock was a couple months old, mom noticed his eyes were very wide open, almost like they could pop out of his head at any moment. She immediately brought him to Scottish rite, where they confirmed he had hydrocephalus-a build up of fluid in the brain cavities.

Doctors were able to calm the fluid down by placing a hollow tube known as a shunt surgically in the brain to help drain cerebrospinal fluid, redirecting it to his stomach.

A few months later, mom noticed Brock was no longer using his arms, and having a hard time to walk. Brock was normally a very active toddler, climbing on things and jumping around. This behavior was a concern for mom, so she took Brock back to the doctor.

The doctor performed an MRI which revealed syrinx in the spine, causing another surgery. A shunt was placed into Brock’s spine.

About a year went by and Brock seemed fine, until one day he had a seizure. It was so bad that Brock and mom had to stay in the ER a week. Doctors were able to find a medication to help reduce the seizures, however, it is not a promise to live.

Brock is now on palliative care and undergoing proton therapy treatment for Melanoma. Knowing his short life span, Brock wanted to be able to make memories with his family. He wished for a trip to the Atlanta Zoo, and children’s Wish Foundation was able to fulfill his wish right away.

Brock’s mom told us “It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Brock and his brother Andrew had a great time seeing the animals. We were only able to stay 45 minutes because Brock was having a painful day, but we all had a great time and were able to create memories that will last a lifetime.”


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