Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is carefully selected to further the mission of CWFI in the hope of providing a positive experience for each child.


The Board of Directors are carefully selected to perform a number of duties that will further the mission of Children’s Wish Foundation International. In hopes to provide a positive experience for each child, board meetings include a strategic review of policies: approving and evaluating budgets including all means of fundraising and legal issues, selecting new board members and a succession plan, providing and monitoring new wishes and program services, in addition to other responsibilities needed to further our mission.

Meet the Team

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Linda Dozoretz (1985)

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Ashley Kurpiel (2019)

Wish Child
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Janet Michaels (2017)

Wish Review Board of Directors

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Roz Brotman (2002)

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Charlean Favela (2014)

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Renee Werbin (2007)

Wish Review Board of Directors

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Linda Dozoretz

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Anthony Sweeting

“Dazzle in Her Eyes”

By Dr. Anthony Sweeting (2015)

I come to give you life,

And that more abundly,

Said the Wise Master

To the children of the world.

Come boldly to the throne of grace

In your time of need.

I long to hear the children’s laughter,

To see them run and play.

When life’s foes attack them

My Grace will forge a way!


Would that every child were healthy,

Never a sick day or night.

Would that the world were perfect,

Never a child would die.

Who knew her life would be so special

This average little girl?

Who knew what joy and laughter

Her gift would give the world?

Susan gone forever,

Gone to live above….


Fallen Angel Rising Bright

You left a legacy…

Children’s Wish Foundation International

To fulfill the children’s wishes

To fulfill the children’s dreams


We think of Katie…

A very sick child,

Some whispered terminally.

Her love of pink so passionate,

How could she be denied?

The party she desired,

Her parents could not afford.

Not an extra penny

Not an extra dime!

Tho they loved their daughter,

Longed to make her dreams come true,

Nay! Fortune would not oblige!


Proud parents they didn’t want to beg…

Katie’s wish was so profound,

No way it could be changed.

A Pink Party it must be!

Pink limo…

Pink building…

Pink runway…

Pink ribbons…

Everything had to be Pink!


Can you imagine all the sleepless nights

Katie’s parents fretted?

Knowing not how or when a Pink Party

Could be funded?


They say God answers prayers.

In this case it was true.

A ray of hope and sunshine,

Shone thru the balmy dew.

Up stood children’s Wish Foundation,

With a solution and a plan.

A beautiful Pink Party right then was keenly planned.


A radiant smile lit Katie’s face

With each bow untied.

Up she scooped a spool of pink ribbons.

This quickly hushed the room…

Where would she tie them

Since Katie had no hair?

Time stood still…

When slowly Katie stood

Then boldly wound a double bow

Around her blessed head!


Listen! Legions of children’s voices

Screaming in despair…

Who will listen?

Who will hear?

Who will act?

Children’s wish Foundation

Rises to the task!

Serving the needy children

Who cry beyond the threshold.

The foundation offers help


A torch is passed today,

A blaze sparkles bright

We remember Susan,

What a precious life!

Her gifts of love and charity

So freely she did give.

Perched upon a rainbow

High up in the skies

Behold our darling Susan

With a sizzle in her eyes!