Aria Wishes For A Kindle

Little Aria has always been a bright spirit, silly, and loving. She is known to be timid in less familiar situations, but is always a well behaved 3-year-old. Aria has been brave coping with Severe Aplastic Anemia. She tries to keep up with her twin sister, Brooklyn, but requires frequent rest breaks.

Aria will have many doctor appointments and hospital stays in her near future. Her expected hospital stay is 6-8 weeks, with 6 months at home being isolated from the outside world.

Due to her treatment times and being sick as often as she is, Aria is unable to attend preschool. She enjoys learning and wished for an Amazon Kindle. It could not be any Kindle though, it had to be her favorite color, PINK! Aria is excited that she can now play educational games and listen to her favorite songs by the Disney Princesses.

When Aria received her kindle, her eyes lit up with joy. She was very excited to have a kindle of her very own.




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