Amiliah’s Adventure Shopping Spree

Amiliah, 6, has had a rough go since she was born. Moments after arriving in the world, she began to show signs of jaundice. She was taken to see her pediatrician and a checkup revealed that her bilirubin levels were elevated. Baby Amiliah was referred to Egleston Hospital -Children Healthcare of Atlanta. During her hospital stay, she was given a liver biopsy. It didn’t take the doctors long to come back with the scary news that she was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia.

Mom was told they would try a procedure that would keep her from having to get a liver transplant early on and the procedure needed to be done before she turned 3 months old. A few days later she was going to have surgery for the Kasai procedure (removing the blocked bile ducts and gallbladder and replacing them with a segment of your child’s own small intestine.)

While on the operating table they then discovered she had no bile ducts or gallbladder so the procedure could not be done. She was then placed on the transplant list, and the family patiently waits for a liver.

The thing she has missed most throughout this battle, is not having the energy to play with her dolls. On her better days, Amiliah loves to dress up her dolls and play mommy. She told mom “I want to buy new dolls and clothes for them”. Children’s wish Foundation fulfilled a shopping spree wish for Amiliah! She was able to go pick out new dolls, clothes, and even accessories! Amiliah also purchased furniture for her dolls, which was neat to see. Who knew dolls were so high maintenance? 😊

After purchasing the necessities on her list, Amiliah continued down the aisles, putting every book, toy and piece of clothing she ever wanted in the shopping cart. She told mom “I get Christmas twice this year”. We are so happy you feel that way Amiliah! You will be back to better health soon.

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