Ambassador Program

Children and Youth interested in helping promote a program who fulfills wishes for terminally ill children. This is an opportunity for children to give back to their community, make others aware of our program, and put a smile on a sick child’s face.

For details on how to sign up for the ambassador program, please contact Children’s Wish Foundation today!


layla amb program

Layla worked hard to get her classroom and other students aware of the organization and our cause for the fundraiser.

Children’s Wish Foundational International, CWFI, recently launched a Kids Ambassador Program, designed specifically for kids ages 10 - 17, for the purpose of developing benevolent future leaders and proactively generating active engagement among our youth to create connections and meaning impacts for the benefit of sick children less fortunate.

CWFI Wish Kids Ambassador Program

ambass program student

This inaugural Program has been created by CWFI, (Theresa Spralling); designed specifically for kids ages *10 - 17, for the purpose of developing benevolent leaders; generating active engagement with CWFI to create connections and meaning impacts for the benefit of sick children less fortunate.

Active engagement includes fundraising; creating connections with our CWFI Wish Kids; developing benevolence and leadership skills among CWFI ambassadors as well as grow the base of youth supporters/participants via chapters.

This special CWFI Wish Kids Ambassador program is designed to create a network/chapter of kids helping kids. It is also designed to enhance empathy, develop leadership skills, and raise awareness and empathy.

Each CWFI network/chapter will be led by an Ambassador, (ages 10-17) and supported by a CWFI Board member for guidance, mentoring and on-going support. An ambassador is responsible for recruiting network/chapter members and leading the network/chapter to success.

The network/chapter provides its members with a safe and supportive environment to become better leaders, and supporters of those less fortunate. For many, their network/chapter gives them a sense of belonging. In light of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), meetings will be held online to protect the safety and well-being of its members.

Online meeting will allow members to meet monthly and provide human interaction and collaboration in pursuit of CWFI goals/projects despite proximity.

CWFI Wish Kids Ambassadors

The CWFI Wish Kids Ambassador Program is a 6-month program consisting of 6 one- to two-hour sessions that enable participants to develop leadership skills, identify ideas, fundraise, create connections and project manage through practical experience. The program is presented after school, or on weekends. Participants learn to:

  • Develop ideas and manage a project designed to help CWFI Wish Kids
  • Organize a meeting, develop a project and execute a fundraising activity
  • Recruit members and create other networks/chapters
  • Create Connection among children less fortunate
  • Enhance leadership Skills
  • Fundraise
  • Put a Smile on the faces of our CWFI Wish Kids

Each CWFI Wish Kids Ambassador Program group is limited to 12 youths. Participants are selected by the Ambassador and CWFI leader or by a cooperating organization (such as a school or a club).

A CWFI Board Member serves as sponsor and provides a guidance and on-going support for each network/chapter. The individual BOD member attends each meeting with the Ambassador, where he or she will observe, engage and counsel participants. The Ambassador assigns an assistant who can fill in for the Ambassador should he or she be unable to attend a monthly meeting. Meetings generally follow a format similar to that of a typical club meeting, including an announced agenda, practice in parliamentary procedure, and the selection of presiding officers.