Aaron Meets Cody Johnson

Aaron, 16, is described by mom as an “old soul”. He finds comfort in listening to anything from the 1600’s to the late 1980’s. While in the hospital receiving treatment for Polycystic Kidney Disease, he found comfort in listening to music.

Aaron absolutely loves country music, especially Cody Johnson. When asked what his last Wish would be, it was a no brainer. Aaron wanted to attend a Cody Johnson concert and meet him of course!

His Wish came true this past week when he attended the concert at Weidner Field. When Aaron walked into the meet and greet, he broke down crying of happiness and couldn’t believe his Wish was coming true. Aaron said, “this is the most magical day of my life, I can die happy now.”

Thank you so much to our donors; Cog Railway at Broadmoor, Academy Riding Stables, Seven Falls, and Cody Johnson’s team for helping this Wish come true. You have no idea how much joy you brought to a critically ill child.







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