Warren Conquers the Great Wall of China




15-year-old Warren grew up in Florida hearing his father tell stories of their Chinese ancestry and his great-grandfather’s life in China. He desired to learn more about his Chinese relatives as well as the culture that is a large part of his heritage. With every story his father told, the dream of visiting China grew bigger in Warren’s heart. In 2015, that dream would be set aside as Warren was diagnosed with a Germ Cell Tumor. For the next several months, Warren continued to bravely battle his cancer all the while dreaming of visiting China. Over the summer, Children’s wish Foundation International turned Warren’s dream into a reality when Warren, along with his father, mother, and younger sister, boarded a plane and were whisked off to Beijing, China! During his trip, Warren explored the Great Wall of China, Temple of Heaven, and other historical landmarks. His family immersed themselves into the everyday life of China and experienced the culture through authentic restaurants, the Chinese Pearl Market, and the people of China. Warren also had the unique opportunity to travel to Hong Kong to visit the ancestral village of his great-grandfather to learn more about his family’s heritage.After the trip, Warren’s mother wrote to thank Children’s Wish Foundation for fulfilling Warren’s wish:

“For Warren and all of us, this was a dream truly come true! When we think of his cancer journey and the uncertainty of it, we can look back and be extremely thankful in the miracles God performs – For Warren he felt this sense of coming full circle – being able to go half way around the world and experience the connecting link of his ancestral line and to see the arduous trip his great-grandfather took and his part of history in all this. Warren was enamored at how very similar the Chinese culture is to his own and it made him realize how easy it is to relate to each other in our similarities rather than our differences – he enjoyed the warmth of the Chinese people!”



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