Valentine’s Day Party

In hopes to bring about smiles, warmth and comfort to children while they are hospitalized, twice a month our Hospital Enrichment Program host an extraordinary arts and crafts party at Children’s Health Care of Atlanta. While many of the kids will miss out on celebrating Valentine’s Day with their friends at school and exchanging candy hearts, this month we decided what better way to show love than to bring a fabulous Valentine’s Day party to them! We certainly wanted to give the kids sometime to get out of their rooms to engage with others in a friendly and fun environment. It also helps to provide a therapeutic outlet to express themselves artistically. Our crafts included heart mobiles, painting, writing sweet cards and hand-crafted bags for loved ones. The party turned out great! The kids had so much energy and enthusiasm, we even got a friendly welcome from two special guests! Check out our video and pictures below.


Children’s Wish


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