Top 5 Children’s Wishes

You’ve asked! We’ve answered. What do children wish? Here are the top 5 requests at Children’s Wish Foundation International.

5. Celebrity Wishes

We start our Top 5 list with celebrity wishes. Many of our children request a special moment with a movie star, athlete, comedian, musician, the president, or the Pope! These kind people share their time and talent to bring our children joy and inspiration.


Angel with basketball star Kobe Bryant.


Claire with the lovely and talented David Letterman.


Rachel with the cast members of Castle.

4. Shopping Spree Wishes

Some wish kids like to shake things up with a carefree, extravagant shopping spree! Fourth most popular, this lively outing usually involves lots of laughter, lunch, and a limousine ride.


Jalen considers his options at the store.


Myra learns of her upcoming shopping spree.


Lauren ponders a purchase in the dressing room.

3. Technology Wishes

Technology is #3 on our list, a fun-filled wish that covers a wide variety of cool gifts. From computers to cameras, our wish kids are eager to express themselves and explore the digital world.


Brandon launches his Mac laptop, surrounded by other gifts.


Arya is happily wowed by the gift of music!


Alexis wished for a complete set of pro photography gear.

2. Tropical Wishes

The second most popular wish request is a tropical vacation for the whole family! Our wish kids dream of white sand beaches and sparkling turquoise water, warm temperatures and ocean breezes. Time in the sun is a happy respite from medical tests and procedures.


Mom, Dad, daughter and dolphin share a watery hug.


Caleb with exotic birds in Hawaii.


Madison poses in front of the Atlantis Resort.

1. Disney Wishes

And the #1 most popular children’s wish? All things DISNEY. Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Disney Cruise Line! Our kids love the mouse for fun and adventure. There are plenty of special opportunities to create unforgettable memories for the whole family.


Jamie is happy to meet Snow White.


Raine is enchanted by Tinkerbell’s magic.


Adreyuanna and her family enjoying the day at Epcot.

We believe laughter is good medicine! Children’s Wish Foundation International brings joy to critically ill children around the world. From wish fulfillment to hospital enrichment, our numerous programs are designed to distract children from the anxieties of treatment and empower them to face the difficulties ahead. To refer a deserving child, visit childrenswish.org/refer-a-child.

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