Changing Lives One Blanket At A Time

As one can imagine, rare diseases and disabilities require a child to be in the hospital for days, weeks, possibly months at a time. Though we see the amazing Nurses, Doctors and Child Life Specialists that make it their business to help children cope and enjoy their time while there; being stuck in a hospital 24 hours a day is not as comfortable as we all hope it to be. Thus, the joys of coming home to familiar faces and places of comfort are taken away from our Wish kids. Most children have to adjust to unexpected life changes with not much time to soak in their diagnoses. It can be a traumatic experience, especially when facing needles, surgeries and constant discomfort from drugs. While hospitalized, children can’t stress enough how much they miss being in their own beds, playing with their toys and being around loved ones.

In hopes to bring a smile to a child’s face again, Children’s Wish Foundation understood the need of finding comfort in a temporary home. Within a few weeks, we teamed up with The Weber School in Sandy Springs, GA to help lower the anxiety of hospital visits. Since children often use a favorite stuffed animal or blanket when away from home, the 11th grade students gathered around to make blankets for our Wish kids. This was our second event making blankets and we’ve heard so many positive reviews from our Wish families. It’s because of the blankets that our kids feel safe and comforted in unfamiliar rooms.

We also knew this would serve as a great opportunity for students that love to volunteer their time to help the community. Getting straight to work, many of the students had plenty of practice making blankets. They each got to choose which fabric they wanted to use then proceeded to cut and tie the fringe to complete the blanket.  In the end, the Weber School juniors each made 3-4 blankets per session, which reached a total of 50 blankets! The very next day our Wish Coordinators began shipping fleece blankets to our kids. What a wonderful day it was speaking to the students and hearing the excitement in their voices as they used their creative skills to bring joy to others in less fortunate circumstances.

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  1. Delvenna Williams-Reply
    July 19, 2016 at 6:47 am

    It is heart warming to see the efforts children with make for other children. The comfort blankets are beautiful. I love the current youthful themes of the blankets. I saw several my grands and great grands would love to possess. My youngest great grand was born with Sickle Cell Disease. He is 3 months old, yet in this short time he was hospitalized 4 times. His mom is only 20. So you see , we have a long road ahead.

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