Child Life Month Celebration: Shani

For the month of March, Children’s Wish Foundation is celebrating every Child Life Specialist that has made a difference in the lives of children and families around the world.  On behalf of Wish kids everywhere, we want to thank each and every Child Life Specialist for all that they’ve done to help children face their illness head on. In the event of Child Life month, what better way to celebrate their hard work and dedication than to feature a few of the Child Life Specialists that we work with on a daily basis. Reading their stories has brought tears to our faces and joy to our hearts. Enjoy!


My name is Shani and I am a Certified Child Life Specialist and parent of two young boys. I provide in-home child life services through my private practice in Long Island, New York. I am also the creator of a child life and parenting blog called ChildLifeMommy.com, which provides resources to families, child life specialists and other disciplines. I recently published a children’s preparation book called, It’s Time For Your Checkup: What to Expect When Going to a Doctor Visit as a social story to help children prepare for a wellness visit that may include vaccinations and a blood test. I am incredibly passionate about the field and incorporating play into a child’s development. This year I began co-teaching a graduate child life course on therapeutic play techniques at Bank Street College of Education.

While I was working as a recreation therapist assistant at a children’s convalescent hospital, I stumbled across the profession and everything clicked for me. This was the career path that I was supposed to take. I reached my educational goals and was working as a specialist within two and a half years. It just feels right. It is incredibly rewarding knowing that I can make a positive impact on a family. Especially, when people are faced with difficult challenges in their lives, it is a powerful feeling knowing that I can be on their support team as they go through their journey.

Children’s Wish Foundation brings more than wishes to families. They bring normalcy, support, unity, hope and create cherished memories. I also love that they offer hospital programs and fulfills wishes for young children.

I love knowing that I am a small part of a child and family’s healing process.

Thank you for reading!



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