Referral Acknowledgment Program

Wish Referrals Can Benefit Your Hospital

You are the first and most important contact with a family that is facing a devastating time in their lives. As a way of offering support to families and children, CWFI works with hospitals to provide a ray of sunshine during this stressful time. When you refer a child for a Wish and the Wish is approved, the child will choose a favorite wish in the hope that this will give him or her the encouragement to face the difficulties ahead.

How Does Your Hospital Benefit from Referring Wish Children?

When CWFI receives five approved Wish referrals or ten Young Minds referrals, we will provide your hospital with a gift card. This gift card may be used to purchase play room items, educational materials, or electronics for your patient’s enjoyment. All you have to do is refer the children.

We maintain a comprehensive database with the Wish referrals from your hospital, and we will notify you each time you reach the criteria. A gift card will be on its way to you soon after!

How to Refer a Child

Simply fill out the on-line referral form, that easy. Once it is received, we will contact the family directly.

What Our Participating Hospitals Say:

“Once again Children’s Wish Foundation is looking out for our children. Not only are you fulfilling wishes, but here is yet another opportunity that will have a very positive effect on our patients.”

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