Stormie’s Wish to Meet a Disney Princess

Stormie is a fun loving, outgoing 9 year old girl who was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. Even though Stormie gets tired of treatments, doctor’s appointments, and hospital stays she does her best to keep a smile on her face while making the most of everyday. Stormie loves to put on heels and fancy dresses and pretend she is a real princess. She would be thrilled to meet the Disney Princesses in person, which is why she chose a trip to Disney World as her wish.

In July 2013 CWFI was thrilled to grant Stormie wish to meet a Disney Princess. Her dreams of meeting the Disney Princesses came true when she had breakfast with at the Akershus Royal Banquet. The Princesses loved spending time with Stormie as much as she did. After nonstop days of riding roller coasters, visiting with the characters, and running around the Magical Kingdom Stormie was very grateful for the trip she was granted!

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