Maximo’s Wishes for a New Computer

Maximo was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic leukemia at the age of 14. Maximo’s family home is in Guatemala, but he had to come to live with his foster mother in Florida while he is undergoing treatments.  He has been separated from his family for nearly four years, which has been very hard.  When he learned that he could have his one fondest wish, Maximo’s face lit up. An Apple laptop computer would be the perfect wish!

Children’s Wish Foundation International acted quickly to fulfill Maximo’s wish with the computer of his choice. After talking with Maximo and his foster mom, we learned that Maximo works really hard to maintain his grades. Because he often misses school and doesn’t feel well from the chemo treatments, he has to put in extra time to keep from falling behind. We also found out that he loves listening to music to help distract him during his treatments.  More importantly, he longs to stay in touch with his family during this difficult time, when he most needs their support.  With this information in hand, CWFI searched for the Apple laptop that would best suit his needs and his interests.

But CWFI did not stop there. A surprise party was arranged for Maximo, with his foster family and his closest friends.  But they did not tell Maximo that this was the day his wish was to happen.  Imagine the surprise when Maximo was presented with a MacBook Pro laptop, a printer, speakers and an iTunes gift card!  Maximo was all smiles, and for the first time, he was speechless!  Maximo said that it was the best surprise anyone had ever received. Later, he told his foster mom that he didn’t just receive a computer; he was given the ability to be connected to the world, to entertainment, education, information and, best of all, to his family.


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