Matthew Wishes to Meet Jake and the Neverland pirates

Life started out rough for Matthew as his first three months on earth were spent in the NICU and every day for the next five years was spent battling Chronic Kidney Disease. Matthew’s father did what any loving  parent would do for their child, he gladly donated a kidney to give Matthew a better chance at         survival.  Ever since he could remember, Matthew dreamed of being at Disney World, instead of spending all his nights at the hospital. He wished to be like a normal six year old boy and experience carefree fun,  excitement like every other child.  With encouraging family members, Matthew found out he would be able to dream with his eyes wide open experiencing endless fun at the Walt Disney World resort.

Matthew and his family traveled to the most magical place on earth, where he could finally have the chance to escape the hospital, doctors and pain.  As Matthew entered the park, his first choice was to go treasure hunting with Jake and the Neverland pirates, share honey with Winnie the Pooh, bounce all over  Fantasyland with Tigger and received the biggest hug from the mouse that started it all, Mickey.  Matthew’s wish also strengthened his family as they continue to support him in fighting his disease.  His parents and siblings could feel all the joy this little fighter has brought in to their lives, making him the biggest superhero in their world.  Matthew was thrilled to have his wish come true while his trip to Disney couldn’t last forever, he created memories that certainly will.


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