Lindsay’s New TV and DVD with Disney Movies

Diagnosed at birth with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, Lyndsay, now 13-months-old, has endured two open-heart surgeries typically performed to correct a severely under developed left ventricle in her heart. A third surgery remains in her future, but may not be able to take place because her little heart and lungs would not be able to handle the trauma. Instead, Lyndsay is frequently in the hospital and connected to a ventilator that restricts her movement completely.

While in her hospital crib in Covina, California, Lindsay’s only distraction and form of entertainment comes from the many Disney Characters that she loves to watch on the TV. It was no surprise that when asked what she wished for the most, she wished for her own flat screen TV and a DVD collection of her favorite movies to watch at home. Children’s Wish Foundation happily fulfilled her wish with contributions from donors like you, who generously share the precious gift of happiness. Thanks to your ongoing support, Lindsay now smiles and laughs while enjoying her movies at home.


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