Lillian’s Disney Cruise

Lillian was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma at just 18 months old. With a long recovery road ahead and spending many nights at the Loma Linda Children’s Hospital in California, Lillian began to dream of a special trip that she wanted to take with her family. Finally, at the age of 7, Lillian expressed that she wanted to go on a Disney Cruise, meet Mickey, and swim with dolphins. Mickey Mouse and dolphins have been two of Lillian’s favorite things and she used them to get her through the pain she experienced every day. This was not just a wish, but a lifelong dream for Lillian.

CWFI was thrilled to be able to fulfill Lillian’s dream of meeting Mickey Mouse and to swim with the dolphins. With her friendly, energizing, and happy personality, Lillian lived life to the fullest while away on her Disney Cruise. Lillian and her family cruised through the Bahamas and had a week to get away from the everyday stress of Lillian’s illness. Lillian will always have the memory of swimming with the dolphins that she loved so much.

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