Kylee’s Playhouse Paradise

What a wonderful thing imagination is; it can take you anywhere: 10-year-old Kylee knows this better than anyone! Kylee was diagnosed with Undifferentiated Embryonal Sarcoma at the age of 8. While battling this rare form of liver cancer, Kylee imagined the perfect place to retreat, a playhouse she could call her own.

Kylee’s heart smiled as she thought about what fun adventures she would have with her friends inside a playhouse. It would be the perfect oasis right in her own backyard. She imagined how she could use her creativity to decorate the inside of the house. Most of all, she loved the idea of her paradise being just a short walk from her house. As the playhouse was being built, her friends and neighbors wanted to help complete the house. They decided to show their support by hand painting rocks for Kylee, which would always serve as a symbol of the love and strength they felt. These rocks included paintings of superheroes, motivational sayings and the emerald green ribbon, which represents liver cancer. It wasn’t long before Kylee was walking along the stone path that led to the door of her playhouse. She pushed opened the wooden door and her eyes lit up as she saw tons of beautiful rocks spread throughout the inside of her playhouse. She had the biggest smile on her face as she opened her playhouse windows to smell the flowers planted directly below. It was everything she imagined.

Her mother’s heart was so full of joy as she expressed her sincerest gratitude:

“We cannot thank you enough for what you did for our daughter. We pray she gets to enjoy this wish for many years to come! Thanks to CWF we have been brought together with so many wonderful, compassionate, loving people in our area. Regarding the playhouse itself we cannot even put into words how grateful we are for everything CWF and our wish coordinator Ellen had done for our daughter. As if this playhouse weren’t enough they have sent multiple boxes of items for her to decorate and personalize it inside. They even joined in on the rock painting and sent her a box of painted rocks to add to her collection. How amazing is that??!! CWF, you made us feel like part of your family and this experience will always hold the most special place in all of our hearts for the rest of our lives, especially our daughter. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

kylee rock   Kylee Angell-couch (002)Kylee Angell (002)

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