Isabella’s Wishes for a Trip to Disney World

Isabella is a 7-year-old girl from Satsuma, Alabama suffering from Chronic Renal Insufficiency. Renal insufficiency is a disorder where the kidneys can no longer function to maintain a normal state of health. Despite the diagnosis, her friends and family describe Isabella as a tender-hearted, sweet child who is always willing to please others. Isabella is very creative and still loves to play dress-up, despite the hurdles she’s had to jump over in the past few years.

Isabella has wished to go on a trip to Disney World since she was three years old, and Children’s Wish Foundation was delighted to see her wish come true. Isabella traveled with her mother and grandmother and prepared for the adventure of a lifetime. Isabella was able to see the magic of the Disney Princesses. She was especially thrilled to meet her favorite Disney Princess, Rapunzel, at Princess Fairytale Hall! She was also able to attend Mickey’s Private Party where she got to see her favorite Disney characters. Watching Mickey’s Parade really made Isabella feel she had the time of her life. She will carry the memories with her as she faces her future medical treatments.

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