Carson’s Wish: The Pitch of the Night

As a  baseball enthusiast, it would be any kids wildest dreams to throw the first pitch of the night at their favorite team’s home field. For 14-year-old Carson, his love and passion to throw the first pitch at the Dodgers baseball game in Los Angeles, California would soon become a reality when he least expected. After being diagnosed at an early age with Hunter’s Syndrome and enduring weekly IV treatments for nearly four years, Carson never gave up on his true love–sports.

Before Carson was diagnosed with his disease, he spent majority of his time playing a wide range of sports, varying from baseball, basketball and football. Carson regularly focused his time and energy into being an all-star athlete with his friends. Not only was he focused on the sports that he played, but he typically binged on his favorite sports teams  and the latest headline news on ESPN. His up-to-date knowledge on other professional sports always amazes his family and peers!

On the day of Carson’s wish came true, he was able to meet with the Dodger’s team and attend batting practice. Carson’s dream turned into a reality and gave him an experience of a lifetime. Though his life threatening illness has made a significant impact on his life, Carson’s wish to throw the first pitch gave him a chance to step away from the day-to-day routine of hospital visits to simply being a 14-year-old sports enthusiast!

Check out amazing pictures of his wish below!

Carson Cook 3 Carson Cook 1 Carson Cook 4 Carson Cook Carson Cook 5

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