Dolly’s Wish for a Camera Kit

Dolly is a gifted 16 year old girl from California who has had to endure several different types of aggressive cancers. Her most recent diagnosis of Undifferentiated Sarcoma in her leg came in the spring of 2012.

Dolly has an eye for natural photography and desired to not let her illness get in the way of her talent as a photographer. Dolly’s wish was to have a professional camera kit and lenses that would allow her to experiment with different types of camera angles and expand her portfolio.

CWFI was happy to fulfill Dolly’s wish and provided her with the camera kit and lenses to meet her specifications as well as a photography kit complete with tri-pod, travel case and camera accessories. Dolly was pleasantly surprised to receive all of the necessary tools to help her become a better and more experienced photographer. Dolly’s camera was not only a wish come true, but a step toward her photography dreams.

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