Buddy’s Own Swing

John Abrams, best known as Buddy,  is a 1 ½  year old boy from Rockville Centre who was diagnosed with Small Cell Glioblastoma of the Brain April of 2013. He had surgery on his brain soon after, but the doctors were unable to remove the entire tumor.

Soon after his diagnosis, Children’s Wish Foundation learned about Buddy and how significantly his life was changed due to the tumor. He went from being a happy child cruising around the house to hardly being able to sit up. No longer able to play like other children, the park would be off limits. Learning about Children’s Wish Foundation International’s Young Minds program, Buddy’s mother inquired about having an adaptive swing placed on the park playground for Buddy and other special needs children to use.

Children’s Wish Foundation International coordinated with Mayor Francis Murray of Rockville Centre who granted permission for Children’s Wish to provide a handicap swing on the playground at Rockville Centre Recreation Center. This would enable Buddy to be able to participate on the playground at the recreation center. The swing would also benefit other children with special needs.

Children’s Wish Foundation arranged a special dedication at the Rockville Centre Recreation Center to present the swing to the park in fulfillment of Buddy’s wish. Because of his special wish, Buddy now is able to swing with the other children at the park.

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