Alina’s Bedroom Makeover

Alina and Alissa are not identical twins, but as most twins will admit, they share a special bond that only twins can understand. Alina and Alissa even shared a bedroom in their texas home where the two spent many hours playing and growing up together.  But there was one thing the 12-year old girls didn’t share: Alina’s illness. Alina was facing treatments for a vicious Giant Cell Tumor that had been detected in her bone tissue.  Throughout it all, Alissa never left her sister’s side and the two grew even closer throughout the ordeal.

Because she spent so much time in their bedroom, Alina longed for a bedroom makeover that would brighten her spirits, even on days when she felt physically drained.

To make the bedroom all it could possibly be for Alina and her sister, Children’s Wish Foundation International searched and found a gifted decorator in the town where the girls live, and who after hearing about her wish, happily agreed to create a haven for the twins.

Children’s Wish Foundation encouraged Alina to work closely with the decorator to design the room of her dreams.  Alina chose tones in her and her sister’s favorite colors – Pink and purple – and helped select the furniture and accessories that would complete her dream room.  The final product was a custom painted room with hand painted furniture, beautiful new linens and coordinating accessories, everything from top to bottom.   A true showcase of her favorite soft colors, the new room is a wonderful area for her and her Alissa to call home.

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