Alex Puppy Surprise

Alex was just 10 years old when he was diagnosed with T-Cell Leukemia forcing him to visit the hospital and undergo treatment for his illness. It was during one of his first hospital stays, that he found comfort and distraction in a television documentary about English bulldog puppies.  Little did he know that one documentary would forever change his young life.  Alex was hooked on the breed.  More than anything, he longed for his very own English bulldog puppy. He explained: “I think having a puppy would help me with my illness.  She would give me something to take care and love.”

An easy wish to fulfill as wishes go, but Children’s Wish Foundation International never does anything on a small scale.  Wish coordinators quickly began researching the most reputable breeders and found a renowned breeder who excitedly signed on to help Alex get his Wish.  To present Alex with his new puppy, Children’s Wish Foundation arranged a large party at the local park so that all of Alex’s friends and family could be with him when he received his surprise and new best friend.

Gathered in the park, Alex was greeted by the breeder who laid an 8-week old puppy in his arms. In disbelief, Alex burst into tears of joy.  To add to the excitement, Children’s Wish Foundation even enlisted others from the community to provide Alex with a dog bed, toys, and a year’s worth of premium dog food.  Today, Roxie has certainly helped Alex to bravely combat his illness as she continues to grow strong. To no one’s surprise, Alex recently decided upon a career for his future … his goal is to become a veterinarian.

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