Our History

How did Children's Wish Foundation begin?

In 1978, Linda Dozoretz lost her eldest daughter to bone cancer. After spending two and a half years fighting to keep, Susan alive, she died.  Linda knew she must do something to battle this disease, and so she volunteered with a local organization to raise money for a cancer cure.  For her efforts, she was awarded a trip to Disneyland. Linda chose to give that trip to “a little girl who would never grow up,” thus fulfilling the first of thousands of wishes to date. Since that time, she has continued to fulfill wishes for children and in 1985 formed Children’s Wish Foundation International Inc.  Linda now serves as Children’s Wish Foundation International’s Executive Director and Fairy Godmother, overseeing all wishes.

Is Children's Wish Foundation International a registered charity?

Yes, Children’s Wish Foundation is registered as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization that meticulously maintains current registration in each state that requires it. Children’s Wish Foundation follows general accounting procedures set by the Association of Independent Certified Public Accountants (GAAP). To keep our records accurate and current, an annual audit is conducted by an independent accounting firm that is one of the most highly respected firms in the field of nonprofit work.

Where is Children’s Wish Foundation International located?

Children’s Wish Foundation International’s is head quartered in Atlanta, Georgia. An international Foundation, CWFI fulfills wishes for children around the world, yet keeps costs to a minimum by maintaining one office and a small staff. To ensure that our families can reach us at any time, CWFI has an answering service with availability 24 hours a day, every day.

About our Wishes

When should I apply for a wish for my child?

We encourage you to apply for your child’s wish soon after their diagnosis to bring the excitement and anticipation of having a wish fulfilled to your family.

Are there age limitations for my child to have a wish fulfilled by CWFI?

Children’s Wish Foundation fulfills wishes for children under the age of eighteen suffering from a life-threatening illness. Depending on the child’s medical condition, we try to wait until the child is old enough to fully enjoy and remember the experience of their wish.

Are there any illnesses that don't qualify for wish fulfillment?

CWFI is not qualified to make that judgment.  The child’s medical team takes his/her medical history into account and determines if the condition falls under our guidelines.

Do you have a list of wishes for my child to choose from?

CWFI has fulfilled thousands of wishes since our inception and each wish is as unique as the child who makes the request.  We do not provide a list of wishes; working within certain guidelines, we fulfill whatever means the most to your child.  We take pride in providing personal attention to each family, developing and maintaining relationships with them that last years after their child’s wish has been fulfilled.

If my child has had a wish, can they have a second wish?

There are so many children newly diagnosed each day, CWFI focuses on fulfilling a first wish for these children.

My child was just approved for a wish. How long will it take to be fulfilled, who participates, and what are our responsibilities in planning?

Children’s Wish Foundation stands apart from other wish granting organizations in the rapid manner that we fulfill wishes.  Wishes are fulfilled in order of approval, except in the case of a medical urgency. Personal attention is given to each wish by handling all arrangements, which include transportation, accommodations, and medical needs during the fulfillment of the wish.  We recognize the importance of sharing time as a family; therefore, the immediate family is included in the wish experience to create memories that will be cherished forever.

About your donations

How is Children's Wish Foundation funded?

Children’s Wish Foundation is able to fulfill wishes through the loving support and generosity of individuals and corporations who care about the happiness of seriously ill children.  Corporations often include contributions to us in their annual budget, or may choose to give through a special fundraising event or promotion with their product. All contributions are tax-deductible

Can I make a donation in honor or memory?

Individuals may give annually, or may choose to donate in lieu of a gift honoring a birthday, wedding, holiday or in memory of a loved one who has passed away.

There are so many organizations that are worthy of my attention. Why should I choose to support Children's Wish Foundation?

Children’s Wish Foundation International doesn’t claim to be the biggest wish granting organization, just the best. The services and personal attention we provide our families are unsurpassed. Wish Families praise us for our professionalism, attention to each detail, and the extra mile that is given to personalize each wish. However, we know that all of these efforts would be impossible without the support of individuals and corporations that choose to contribute to CWFI. We make it easy for our donors to give in many ways, and can even restrict a contribution to be used in a particular city or state, or for an individual child the donor chooses from the current Wish List.

Are contributions tax deductible?

Yes! Children’s Wish Foundation International is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization and contributions of gifts or gifts in kind are fully tax deductible as allowed by law. We provide tax receipts for all donations made to Children’s Wish Foundation International. If you have questions or live outside of the United States, please contact your tax advisor.

Where do I mail my donation Children’s Wish Foundation?

Checks/money orders should be mailed to: Children’s Wish Foundation International P.O. Box 28785, Atlanta GA 30358

If you know of a child who may be eligible for a wish, please contact Children’s Wish Foundation International right away!

P.O. Box 28785, Atlanta, GA 30358
Phone: 800-323-WISH (9474)
Fax: 770-393-0683

What if my company does not have a matching gift program?

Many businesses offer matching gift programs to encourage employees to contribute to charitable organizations like CWFI. Most of these programs match contributions dollar for dollar, and some will even double or triple the amount of your gift!  You can still process your independent contribution on line on our secure web portal at any time.

Can I donate if I live outside the United States?

Yes, regardless of where you live. Simply click on our donate button. We will send you a confirmation notice after your transaction is processed.

Where can I verify if after making a donation I never receive a transaction confirmation notice?

Contributions received by mail are acknowledged in writing.  Contributions made on-line are acknowledged via email. If you do not receive your acknowledgment information, you can contact us at 1-800-323-9474 and we can verify that your donation has been received.

Can I name Children's Wish in my will?

Yes, all legacies are gratefully appreciated.  Please contact your legal council for guidance. 

Can I donate other things besides money?

Yes, you can donate new children’s toys or other items.  For more information, please call our office or mail wishes@childrenswish.org

Can I donate a vehicle?

Yes, automobiles, boats and other vehicles can be donated through our Vehicle Donation Program.

How can I donate stock?

A contribution of stock is a great way to help Children Wish Foundation raise much-needed Wish dollars.  To inquire about how to donate your stock, please contact the office or your tax advisor for more information.

Other Important Questions

How can I volunteer at Children's Wish Foundation International?

There are many ways you can volunteer with us. You can help organize a fundraiser and raise awareness. Take the first step and complete and submit our on-line volunteer form.

Can my organization link back to your website?

Yes, please feel free to link to us. The more links we have the easier it is for wish families and wish kids to find us when performing a web search.

Can I be removed from your mailing list?

Yes, you can. If you receive an email from us, please click the “Unsubscribe” link or send us an email and we will honor your request.

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